Monday, April 6, 2009


The kids have been training steadily at Tumaini despite exams, and lots of frustrations like teacher strikes and bad weather. Those of us hoping to keep them going have also been frustrated by some difficulties with race scheduling and struggles to find exciting end goals to work toward. However, the kids are powering through, and their attitude is amazing. Below are a few quotations for inspiration from some of our older runners. I cannot attribute their names to the quotes, as they were given as part of an anonymous survey we conducted to see how the running program was doing, but I can say all of these children are part of the committed running team between the ages of 15 and 20. As a runner, I can say these children are an inspiration:

“Beside education, I come to realize that running is part of improving my life since it is health to my body. I also enjoy when running.”

“Running has made me active in other games, even at school like football. I can be able to play for 90 minutes without getting tired. Running have also made my body very flexible.”

“The best time to me is when running in the morning. Since there is no sun and I am always energetic.”

“The best parts of the running program are the hardest runs that we usually run with the coach eg when there are small hills on flat areas or also many kilometers. “

“It like running because it is stimulative—you feel well and are in good mood. Even in school, I used to be very slow when working but now I am sick. I was dull but on running day I am always bright.”


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